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Rater Certification: Principal Investigators

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Welcome to Rater Training!

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Welcome Investigators. We have created a practical and abbreviated version of our Rater Training Platform in an effort to standardize conduct of assessments for individuals with Down syndrome in a clinical trial setting.

We have applied our experience with clinical trials with our knowledge of Down syndrome to create a platform covering conduct, documentation and scoring of clinical outcome measures, reinforced through core content, observations of administration, and practice-based activities. This is a self-paced course. In moving at your own pace, we aim to increase engagement, leading to better performance.

This training aims to supplement your robust experience and knowledge. Our goal is to minimize variability in administration that in turn impacts scores, analysis and data. Accuracy and consistency is the goal and it is achieved through standardization and we believe this is achieved through training.

This Rater training platform offers security, audit-ability and traceability of training content and achievements including:

  • Real-time compliance reporting, providing training process transparency to the site, Sponsor and CRO
  • Training history content applied across trials to avoid training redundancy
  • Certificate of training
  • Applicability for North American based clinical research professionals

If you have questions, reach out to us by chat, Ask the Trainer, or email. We also look forward to your feedback and suggestions in a constant effort to improve the platform for all users of all backgrounds and experience levels.


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